Maze - Seapoint, Cape Town

Did you guys know that there is a maze in South Africa?

If you didn't know that, here's something even better for the Cape Tonians... its right on your door step and it is the 3rd largest maze in the world!
The Serendipity Maze is run by a very sweet man by the name of Jonathan Durr who loved sharing his stories about his life and life in general.
If you are a couple, Mr. Durr will explain to you, how you two will do the maze. I'm not going to tell you because that will spoil all the fun!

He built the maze up by himself and is proud to say it is completely organic. There is no electricity and unfortunately no telephone line, so you won't be able to call before you go. HOWEVER, even if it's closed on your arrival, you shouldn't be too disappointed. Just by looking at this little maze is quite awesome in itself... knowing that there is such an awesome secret lying here in the heart of Cape Town, makes this maze well worth the visit simply by looking at it.
To visit this maze will costs R20.00 per person. When you there remember to ask Mr. Durr about the history of the maze and maybe even ask him more about himself, you will appreciate the story behind the maze so much more!



  1. Yup, went there as a kid for a birthday one year, loved it! -Roger